December 5

Importance Of Agriculture

Agriculture includes cultivation, farming, dairy, poultry, fishery and many more. It is very important to humans because it provides them with many benefits. Agriculture is the source of food for humans without which a great human need will not be made easily available. Besides food, agriculture also provides humans with medicines and employment. All of which are necessary for human survival. Here are some of the main reasons why agriculture is important to humans.


Food is a basic need for human survival and agriculture has made it easily accessible for humans. The normal human body requires a range of nutrients from various food sources. Carbohydrates are found in foods like rice and wheat. Whereas proteins are found in pulses and grains. Dairy products are rich in calcium. All these foods are available because of the agricultural industry. In order to meet the demands of humans, farmers use machinery and tools like tractors and wheel spacers according to the field’s requirements.


Most of the medical tablets and syrups are made using ingredients produced by the agricultural industry. Many cultivations simultaneously produce foods as well as drugs. A common example is papain found in papaya cultivation which is used to heal indigestion. There are also many laxatives and medicines for constipation, coughs and also heart diseases.


Another basic human need is clothing. And majority of the clothes are produced by the agricultural industry. The most common material is cotton. Cotton is used to make not only clothes but also other items like blankets and pillows. Cotton cultivation and production is made easy by the use of quality machinery like John Deere 7760 and other trucks to assist farmers. There are also many other materials produced by the agricultural industry like wool which is produced by sheep and silk which is collected from silkworms.


Many countries especially the developing and under developed countries are known to be employed in the agricultural industry. These economies are greatly benefited by the agriculture equipment without which they will be left unemployed without any source of income. Governments also receive large sums of revenue from the agricultural industry. Especially by exporting foods and clothing to developed countries. Agriculture has allowed people to live a quality life by providing food, Medicine and clothing. Most men and women in the developing countries are employed in the agricultural sector and have become specialised in it.


Although it isn’t considered as a necessity flowers are used for many purposes such as gifting, decorating, fragrance and also as medicine.

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